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Ceramic coatings are the latest innovative products that are taking the vehicle industry by storm. Many have claimed that it is the answer to an impeccable paint job. It will mean any car's paint will endure more destruction, and it is also said to be better than waxing and polishing. But how true are all these claims? Let's delve in deeper and find out more about what a ceramic coating is.


What are ceramic coatings?

Ceramic coating is a kind of chemical polymer solution applied to the surface of a car to preserve its paint job from destruction. The coating is administered by hand, and it mixes seamlessly with the vehicle's paint job to create an extra layer of protection that is repellent to water. Essentially, ceramic coating is like tempered glass that multiple people install on their smartphones to restrict the original glass from getting scratches.


The thing is, the ceramic coating will further help prevent stains, dirt, and grime from clinging to the car. Others have maintained that it is the best alternative to a clear bra and more dependable than waxing.


Ceramic coatings are likewise called nano-ceramic coating

The tiny particles that make up the chemical compound are very difficult to break up; such normal conditions like rain or sun don't cause it to deteriorate over time.




  • Protection from UV rays


Many people will opt for a high roofing cost for the extra shield against the sun's harmful rays. The same goes for ceramic coatings. One of the biggest causes of damage to vehicle paint jobs is due to susceptibility to the sun. Ceramic coatings can stop paint from oxidizing and then fading. This is essential if your car is always left outside.


  • Against chemical stains


Ceramic coatings can be an invaluable way to protect your vehicle's paint from acidic pollutants existing in the air, which is another way for your car to get degraded. They protect such contaminants from bonding into the color and making it appear more faded.


  • Hydrophobic


As the term implies, ceramic coatings are repellent to water which makes cleaning extremely simple. A strain point for any car owner is to dry their vehicle directly after washing to limit watermarks. This is not the case when the vehicle is applied with ceramic coatings. Not only that, all water-based dirt and grime will bead on the surface and instantly slide off.


  • Beautiful gloss


But the chief selling point for ceramic coating is its beautiful candy-like shine. It will put an extra level of shine into your vehicle's paint job and will preserve it looking new and vibrant for a long time to come.





So are ceramic coatings worth it? 

The answer is yes. 

Any type of combined protection is always superior to merely relying on conventional paint, primarily for the more expensive and luxurious cars. It will conserve the beauty of your car for longer, and it will mean less time wasted in detailing shops to restore its original vibrancies.


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10 Things You WANT Know About the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

by on May 20, 2021


The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning will be the very first F-150 with an electric powertrain. This isn't a hybrid; it's a totally electric vehicle.
That indicates no gas engine and electric power, not just for your truck however even for your house. Here are ten things you would like to know about the all-new 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning.

Performance Inspired by the Mustang Mach-E
The all-electric Mustang Mach-E took the Mustang name in a whole brand-new instructions, just like how the F-150 Lightning takes the F-150 in a brand-new direction. Ford took what it discovered during the advancement of the Mustang Mach-E and utilized that knowledge in the development of the F-150 Lightning. That included producing a "wow" aspect through remarkable performance figures.
The F-150 Lightning posts a 0-60 mph time in the mid-4 second range, making it undoubtedly quick. It likewise has an offered extended variety battery that has actually a targeted 775 lb-ft of almost instantaneous torque. That's more than any Ford F-150 ever, and it makes driving the Lightning a special experience that you will not get in any other truck.

Largest Public Charging Network in North America
Individuals hesitate to change to an electric vehicle because of the schedule (or lack thereof) of charging stations on the road. There are filling station on every corner, however charging stations are less typical. Ford takes the worry out of charging your F-150 Lightning by supplying access to more charging stations in North America than any other automaker.
Readily available charging stations are easy to find with real-time updates right on the infotainment screen or through the FordPass smart device app. The app also uses public charging payment ability. Lowering concerns that you'll lack juice, the vehicle approximates how much variety you have actually left, representing weather, traffic, payload, towing, and more so you're not caught off guard.

Hands-Free Driving
Totally self-governing vehicles are still the future vehicles, however the F-150 Lightning will use a hands-free driving system called BlueCruise. This will work on highways throughout the United States and Canada and totally take control of driving to help reduce driver stress. It will make heavy rush hour traffic and long trip less wearying by removing the need for the chauffeur to keep his hands on the wheel.
Although this is a hands-free system, the motorist still requires to sit behind the wheel and focus. In the interest of security, BlueCruise makes sure the motorist is awake and alert with a driver-facing cam to identify if the motorist is viewing the road even while using sunglasses.

Powers Your Home
As i stated on the intro, the Ford F-150 Lightning isn't simply an electric truck-- it's likewise an electric power source. If your home loses power when the F-150 Lightning is plugged in, Ford's Intelligent Backup Power will immediately begin powering your home. As soon as you're back up and running, the system switches back over to charging up your F-150.
There's absolutely nothing you need to do to make this occur. It's an automated procedure that can offboard 9.6 kW. Fully charged, that exercises to complete home power for as much as 3 days. In addition, 11 terminals situated throughout the truck can be utilized for power when you're on the go for everything from a tv to speakers to power tools.
Ford's Largest Battery Ever
Power for the F-150 Lightning comes from the largest lithium-ion battery pack Ford has actually ever utilized in a vehicle. 2 different battery choices are depending upon just how much range you desire out of your truck. The standard variety battery targets an EPA-estimated range of 230 miles and has an 11.3 kW single charger. The available extended range battery targets an EPA-estimated variety of 300 miles and utilizes a double charger for the fastest charging time possible.
Ford aimed to decrease the environmental impact of the battery in the F-150 Lightning by creating batteries with high energy density and low cobalt usage. It has more cell energy however with minimized cobalt material compared to previous Ford battery designs.

Charging Made Easy
Ford makes charging much easier with a basic mobile charger that can be used at a 240-volt outlet to get 21 miles of variety per hour or at a 120-volt outlet for 3 miles of range per hour. Those who choose the standard variety battery can upgrade to a 48-amp Ford Connected charging station that adds 19 miles of variety per hour. This will take your F-150 Lightning from 15% to 100% in 10 hours, which is over night.
The F-150 Lightning with the prolonged variety battery has double onboard chargers. At an 80-amp charging station, it can amount to 30 miles of variety per hour, taking the Lighting from 15% to 100% in simply eight hours.

The First F-150 With SYNC 4A
The Lightning is the very first F-150 to offer SYNC 4A, the most recent Ford infotainment variation. It's ideal for the 15.5-inch tablet-style touchscreen readily available on the Lariat and Platinum trims and is the largest screen in any full-size pickup. The system utilizes natural voice controls, cloud-connected navigation, and cordless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to make it easy to use.
It accommodates the creation of chauffeur profiles, so your particular preferences are saved and prepared whenever you drive. SNYC 4A can likewise detect your driving practices, like picking up coffee every morning so that it can make ideas. Wireless software updates will keep the system current and can be completed in under 2 minutes.

The Mega Power Frunk is the perfect place to stash valuable items out of the elements and away from prying eyes.
Mega Power Frunk Holds Lots of Cargo
Unlike vehicles with gas powertrains, electric vehicles do not require the area under the hood for an engine. Instead, that front trunk, or "frunk," is ideal for holding cargo. While the frunk in a sedan or SUV tends to be smaller sized, the dimensions of the F-150 imply there's a huge amount of space under the hood for holding cargo.
Ford calls it the Mega Power Frunk, and it's the biggest front trunk among all-electric vehicles. This lockable storage space is ideal for holding all your cargo with room enough to hold two bags of golf clubs. A secondary smaller freight area within the frunk consists of drain plugs, making it ideal for wet, muddy clothing.

As Tough as the Others
The F-150 Lightning is electric, so there are big distinctions in between it and the rest of the F-150 lineup. Nevertheless, what doesn't differ is its strength. The Lightning was subjected to the very same tests that the remainder of the F-150 lineup has actually withstood to ensure that it's capable of getting you through the day. Whether that day consists of enjoyable and recreation or time at the job site, the F-150 Lightning depends on the obstacle.
F-150 trucks run the equivalent of 7.4 million customer miles in screening that consists of endurance and strength challenges. Vehicles are also evaluated on various road surface areas, with some so rough they use robots instead of human chauffeurs to ensure your F-150 surpasses your expectations.

An Affordable Electric Vehicle
Electric vehicles are being presented at a stable rate. While some are cost effective, numerous are priced for luxury purchasers. The Ford F-150 Lightning boasts innovative technologies, consisting of hands-free driving, an effective battery, the ability of a truck, and a well-equipped interior. Still, it does not featured a high starting cost. This truck is planned to be something well within reach of all truck buyers with a beginning cost of just $39,974.
While rates for the full lineup has yet to be revealed, a starting price under $40,000 makes this truck an affordable proposal. Integrate that price with the fuel savings of driving an electric vehicle, and the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is a value-minded idea.

Want to see what a bedliner looks like in a 2022 Ford Lightning? Check out ArmorThane's custom Ford Lightning ArmorLiner Bedliners.

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Getting Your Entire Truck Covered In Bedliner

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It's becoming more common to see the entire pickup completely covered in the resilient material, which provides the truck's body a coarse, matte-like surface. What's the deal, and why are people covering their trucks in bedliner?

We originally noticed this trend completely force last fall at the Specialty Equipment and Manufacturer's Association (SEMA) Show, a program that shines a spotlight on the aftermarket automotive scene. In the beginning, an all-black bedliner was being used to cover entire trucks; however, then we started to see trucks turn up that had intriguing colors and designs.

Among those trucks we saw, in the beginning, was the ArmorThane specialized tornado car, which was entirely covered in bedliner.

The customized tornado car had an appealing design, but it left us with many questions. It's easy to understand why truck owners spray the bed in this durable and rugged material to secure it from wear and tear, but besides liking the sandpaper-like matte finish, what other benefits does it have when a whole truck is covered in it? Is it irreversible?

" Much like a truck owner would want to protect the bed of their truck from scratches and nicks, the primary reason individuals do this to their lorries is for protection for the trail," said Josh Burns, Editor-in-Chief at Off-- "The coating can secure the body from dirt, rocks, and other particles off of the highway."

Burns describes the modification to take the ruggedness of aftermarket parts and extend it to more trucks.

Protecting the Entire Truck

" Lots of aftermarket off-road parts such as bumpers, rock sliders and suspension parts like upper or lower control arms will get powder-coated to secure it from debris and to assist with long-lasting durability for the parts," he said because these are the areas that are most vulnerable to harm when off-roading. This thinking can likewise reach other susceptible parts of the truck.

But coating half or part of a truck in one product and leaving the rest as is might look a bit crazy, so folks have taken to covering the entire pickup in this bedliner product. "In some cases, you'll see vehicles get a total coat of bedliner-type material on the rig for protection. Some truck owners coat the lower portion of their rigs and the lower panels on doors considering that this is the area most prone to damage," he said. "The coating is protecting the paint while likewise covering it."

Style Enhancement?

Burns mentioned that the adjustments originally appeared to be for the show because of individuals just like the look. "We've seen this done on high-end SEMA develops more than anywhere else, but it's not something you see a great deal on the trail" because those true rough-and-tumble types will more likely look for a various kind of adjustment." The areas more prone to major damage will depend on sturdy protection, such as skid plates and rocker panel rock sliders."

Alternatively, some truck owners might much like the appearance of the rugged bedliner coating. "It's a choice for included protection. However, it can double as a two-tone color pattern for looks as well," Burns said.

Pricing tends to be the major issue when it comes to getting the entire truck coated. Some quotes vary from $3,000 to $5,000 for coating the whole truck, which compares to about $500 for just the bed.

So Why Are People Covering Their Trucks in Bedliner?

It might be insane looking and a bit severe, but this adjustment has some practical uses. Owners of trucks who don't care about having a shiny vehicle may be interested in covering their entire car in bedliner for visual appeals and additional protection. Still, if they desire a rugged off-road truck, tougher elements like skid plates and rocker panels are a better choice.

How Real Is the Chevy Silverado Bed Test?

by on April 01, 2021

Chevrolet unquestionably lit off a firestorm of controversy recently with its pull-no-punches all-out offensive against the F-150 with a series of presentations demonstrating the steel bed floors on the Silverado are tougher and more durable under "real-world" conditions. General Motors claims the testing methodology was consistent and "scientific." However, were the demonstration tests symbolic of what these trucks deal with in real life? Both trucks were tested for maximum visual shock without a bedliner, which begs how many trucks are sold new versus without bedliners. Secondly, how practical is the scenario of dumping paving bricks directly into the bed from a front-loader rather than being loaded by a forklift on a pallet or sling?

Hank Strathman, General Manager for ArmorThane, said he saw the spots as emphasizing the importance of bedliners for trucks used for work. "Trucks are meant for work. A bedliner is a necessity for any truck that's going to be used for work. A lot of the damage shown in those videos could have been prevented or minimized with a product with some resiliency or cushion, which our products have in the form of a protective coating." Asked if he thought the spots were a fair comparison of the two trucks, Strathman said, "As truck owners, we're all very brand loyal, and of course, some might see the presentations as unreasonable or nonsensical. It's a little sensationalized. It's important to note that there was significant damage to the Silverado bed as well."

Although not pointed out in detail in the Chevy video spots, GM acknowledges the detailed test results. The bed of the Silverado finally acquired a pinhole puncture after multiple toolbox drops. If nothing else, this video is a compelling visual demonstration of why it's a good idea to get a spray-on bedliner

Offroad Supply wants to know: does your truck have a bedliner? Do you have any bed damage horror stories from rough loading? Do you think GM is punching below the belt with this campaign or is all fair in the battle of full-size trucks? Let us know in the comments below.

As for our opinion...If you would like to have proper protection, we think going with ArmorThane's ArmorLiner bedliner is the way to go! Click here for more info.

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Thank You For 100,000 Monthly Pageviews!

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We wanted to offer a big thank you to everyone who has visited Ultimate Offroad Supply. We should be thanking you more often but today is a bit more special. A year ago, we set a modest goal to expand the blog further and set ourselves a target of achieving 100,000 page views per month in 2021. Well, we have already achieved that and it's something we had not expected to happen so quickly.

While looking back at figures, it also gives us the opportunity for a little navel-gazing. Our most visited page by far was our VS pages. Specifically the page: Which Bedliner Is Best? ArmorThane Vs Line-X Vs. Rhino Linings was visited thousands of times this month already. So it's quite clear you guys love viewing our competition articles. Be on the lookout for more of those this year and also be sure to join our mailing list so you can get updated each time we post. Thanks again for all the support!

Featured Product: ArmorLiner Heavy-Duty Truck BedLiners

by on January 14, 2021

This month we feature ArmorLiner spray-on bed liners for trucks and an unlimited list of other applications. ArmorThane ArmorLiner is tested in severe temperatures and conditions, from the Baja to subzero conditions, to deliver superior protection day-in and day-out.

No matter what you haul, it pays to protect your truck bed and enhance its look or customize its color. ArmorLiner protects against scratches, stains, dents and dings, chemical spills, and corrosion.

ArmorThane ArmorLiner protects critical components on vehicles to survive impacts from rocks, debris, and extreme use only found in these types of terrains.

The ArmorThane® Distinction

ArmorLiner's high tensile strength material presents a superior layer of protection that their competitors cannot match. Using a high-pressure system to achieve this unique strength distinguishes the product from other bedliner companies.

Other spray-on bedliner businesses use a low-pressure system that provides a softer bedliner that often is more susceptible to material failure resulting in gouging or even tears.

The ArmorThane Look

ArmorThane prides itself on using higher quality raw materials to produce a fine texture that does not "clump" or "sag" on any surface. ArmorLiner looks as if it came pre-installed from the vehicle manufacturer.

ArmorLiner® Coverage

ArmorLiner provides a permanent bond that conforms to every contour of your truck bed. This bond creates a barrier from moisture, rust, and corrosion for many years to come. ArmorLiner is resistant to most chemicals, making it a superior material for use in industrial applications.


ArmorThane applied protective masking to ensure that your vehicle is protected from any bedliner overspray. Once that protection is installed, they proceed with the actual material spray coating:

Unlike other spray-on or drop-in bedliners, an ArmorLiner treatment is professionally applied at high pressure and high temperatures, bonding instantly and permanently to your truck. ArmorLiner uses equal parts of an "A" component or hardener and a "B" component, or resin. The two liquids are combined to create an elastomer with tough, durable, protective properties using special equipment. The ArmorLiner dries in just a few seconds, preventing running or pooling that can occur with a cold, low-pressure spray-on bedliner. With a pre-scheduled appointment, the total job (including prepping, masking, and spraying) will usually take just a few hours. They recommend waiting a full 24 hours before putting your new ArmorLiner to the test for the best results.

Here is why you want to use ArmorLiner on your vehicle:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Permanent bond
  • Molds perfectly to your vehicle
  • Highly durable
  • Excellent gloss retention
  • Variety of colors

Contact ArmorThane today about installing an ArmorLiner spray-on bedliner on your truck.

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Spray-In vs. Drop-In Truck Bedliners: Which One is Right for You?

by on January 13, 2020

You would not utilize your tooth brush without the appropriate tooth paste. In the same way that you protect your teeth daily from typical wear and tear, it is important to protect the bed of your truck. According to Wikipedia, safeguarding the bed of the truck has actually been around since the inception of the modern pickup truck in the 50s. Truck bedliners are a necessary aspect of preserving an optimum looking truck bed, as we described in this post.

The difficult part is, deciding whether a drop-in bedliner or a spray-in bedliner is the right choice for your truck needs. Let's take a close take a look at both choices to see which is the ideal option for you.

Drop-In Bedliner

One of the main points individuals use to make decisions about any purchase is the cost. When operating on a budget plan, a drop-in bedliner is going to be the overall more affordable choice in the short-term. The bedliner will show up to you like a plastic sheet made of a polyethylene composite. It is a rigid structure which models the contours of your vehicle. It can be quickly attached inside the truck bed which is why it is referred to as a drop-in liner.

Many liners on the market today are created to protect the whole bed of the truck. You'll also be able to select whether you desire a style that goes under or over the rail at the top of the bed.

Benefits to a Drop-In Bedliner

When you are moving items across your truck bed, a drop-in bedliner will allow the freight to glide easier. This makes loading and discharging of larger things a breeze. It is particularly easy if you are dealing with a forklift on a regular basis.

A drop-in bedliner excels at protecting the truck bed from damages, scratches, and dings due to the fact that it is a product that sits over the truck bed. It is a great option to keep the truck bed in good shape.

Setup of a drop-in liner is simple to replace and needs extremely little preparation. It can be done without the assistance of an expert. The majority of drop-in liners can be easily fastened to the truck with bolts, no drilling necessary. If your truck bed has some damage, this choice will also hide the struggling areas efficiently.

Because of the simplicity of installation, you can easily change the bedliner if it receives any damage. Also, needing to purchase a new one will not cost you much cash.

Finally, it is reasonably simple to buy a custom suitable for your truck type, and a number of them typically come with a warranty.

Drawbacks to a Drop-In Bedliner

If you hang out with truck lovers, you'll hear truck owners describe drop-in bedliners as less rugged than a spray-in liner. This is a valid point for several factors. Initially, water can end up being easily trapped in between the steel and plastic in your bed. When this occurs, it can lead to rust problems in the future.

They likewise tend to break or become unfixed in time. If you inadvertently snag the edge of the liner while moving items around, you could wind up pulling a part of it up. This ends up being nearly difficult to repair, and it will be more comfortable at that point to acquire a brand-new liner altogether.

Although one of the pros of having a drop-in bedliner is that products can glide throughout the surface area smoother, it is likewise a negative aspect too. Your things will slide just as simple throughout transport making it tough to keep large items stationery while in motion.

When you are driving down the highway, a plastic liner can become quite noisy due to the wind and vibration. That exact same vibration also tends to loosen the liner from the truck bed in time. When this happens, you might be left with scratches or scuffs on the paint of the truck bed.

Spray-In Bedliner

The polyurethane elastomer that is utilized in a spray-in bedliner makes this a more long-term alternative, however it likewise includes a higher cost. Whether you refer to them as a sprayed-on, sprayed-in or spray-on bedliner, they all indicate the exact same thing. The material used in spray-in bedliner is what is usually utilized on heavy devices and even by the United States military.

Benefits to a Spray-In Bedliner

Utilizing a spray-in liner offers you a permanent alternative that won't need to be replaced, even after many years of use. It is considered a when and done resolution. They do not move, break or perhaps come out since the liner sticks to the bed quickly. This addresses one of the issues with drop-in bedliners because you can now block out water and dirt. Thinking about there is nowhere for the water to trap itself, you are protecting your truck from rust in the future.

Utilizing a spray-in liner will also require objects to remain firmly in place during movement. You won't experience the exact same sliding issues that we took a look at with the drop-in bedliners. You can likewise pick from various texture options to fit your needs.

When you have a spray-in bedliner set up, it generally won't take long to dry. You will have the ability to get back on the road in no time and enjoy your transportation. If you are going to be utilizing it for sturdy functions, it is typically advised to wait about 24 hr.

A spray-in liner is discovered to be more aesthetically pleasing to the eye and is an excellent choice if you are concerned with the cosmetic appearance of your truck. It will not appear old and beat up like a drop-in liner can examine time.

Unlike the drop-in options, you'll discover that the noise levels on the road can be decreased when using a spray-in bedliner. Besides, you'll have the ability to install this liner on your tailgate as well, which is a typical area for scratches, nicks and missing out on paint.

If you are seeking to increase the worth of your automobile, the spray-in liner will do just that! It is viewed as an upgrade and will undoubtedly make the possible buyer pleased.

Which Choice Will You Make?

Overall, the decision is up to you, although for those truck owners who want a long-term and stable service, the response is a no-brainer. Are you looking for a low-priced choice that will get you by for now, however possibly split and trigger water damage? Like most people, you'll most likely choose the more long-term service that will safeguard you from corrosion waste in the future. Whatever your thoughts are, the qualified professionals at ArmorThane are here to help. They are the only bedliner company we can state with one hundred percent surety that you will be a happy client.

Contact ArmorThane today so they can help you discover the bedliner that works completely with your truck. 

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EXCLUSIVE! Meet the Bollinger Trucks That Can Off-Road Like a Jeep and Haul Heavy

by on December 19, 2019

hey guys I have a tearful truck

exclusive for you an inside look at the

Bollinger electric truck design and

production facility here in the Detroit

Michigan area they're working on two

production level prototypes the

four-door SUV the b1 and the four-door

pickup truck

the b2

in this video I'll show you all the

details about the new production

prototypes I'm gonna speak to the CEO

Robert Bollinger some of the engineers

and actually go for a ride and the

prototype the two-door truck but I think

you're looking at here is kind of the

future of the heavy-duty truck because

let me show you the pickup right here be

- don't look at SUV quite yet so here it

is the b2 pickup truck this is a

production based prototype and this is

an active production space the guys are

working around the clock almost to get

these done for September unveiling and

the size of the truck is I think with

the interesting part let me show you so

it's sitting here on a jig and the

wheelbase on the pickup truck is

actually 20 inches longer when you

compare it to the four-door SUV and it

reminds me a little bit of the Jeep

gladiator but the gladiator is more of a

midsize truck what this is is a

full-size truck because it's much wider

and I'll show you in the bed right here

between the wheel wells in the bed it's

about 49 inches so you can put a 4x8

plywood or sheet of plywood in the bed

and it will have a mid gate and here's

how it will work as you can see the

entire structure is aluminum and this is

the C pillar and everything from the

c-pillar forward is shared with a

four-door SUV of course this is a pickup

truck much longer wheelbase and it's

gonna have a mid gate very similar

concept to the Chevy Avalanche but the

glass partition will be here and it'll

actually fold open fold up like on the

SUV and the metal mid gate will fall

down and it will lay down in line with

this bed partition here so it's gonna

make a flat floor where you can load

cargo material 4x8 pieces of plywood

anything you want so that's a pretty

neat design it's also a six foot long

bed not like a short five foot bed so

you can put six foot long items in here

or you can fold the mid gate

and put much longer items inside the

truck the battery is basically mounted

into the floor of the vehicle between

the two axles it's a dual motor setup

one electric motor in the front and one

in the rear

a lots happened we started right away on

the next level prototypes the four-door

version of the b1 and the four-door b2

let's quickly walk around this two-door

sure and then just kind of go inside and

kind of show where you guys are going

next okay great talk to me about style

first of all okay well I studied

industrial design wanted to be a card

designer and a car guy whatever so a lot

of people when they see they're like oh

an industrial designer worked on that

because it's very like you know it's not

car styling it's it's more like form

follows function all those you know you

know catchphrases people use but

basically what it is is that it's the

look of it is what I like and what I've

always liked always like classic Broncos

classic you know internationals and

stuff like that so it was basically I

would wanted a vehicle that would be

everlasting and have a classic style and

never get old also we wanted flat panels

because we wanted to bend the metal

ourselves so we wanted to be able to

really build the whole truck ourselves

with our own hands it was hard to make

it so simple and keep it like a simple

form to the whole overall thing because

it can get out of control easily and you

start adding a lot of stuff to it

our next prototypes that you'll see

inside carry over almost all of the

styling cues same form we've updated a

few little things here and there but

inside all the components are brand new

so we have updated motors updated

inverters we can tell you about that

inside but basically the vehicles have

the same franck space the front space is

actually little bit bigger on the next

prototypes we saw the pass through of

course that we got to put a patent on

and so on the Ford or you can hold 13

foot boards through the middle with the

with the gates closed which is kind of

longer than pickup trucks anyway right

and then on the pickup truck version or

you can hold 16 foot boards with the

gates closed and then of course with the

gate tailgate down you can 20 feet 24

feet whatever so it's basic that has

crazy cool amazing storage capabilities

on the top and then it has amazing

off-road you know capabilities that were

built into it with the portal gear hubs

and stuff like that that are also

carried into the next prototypes so

that's our DNA as our DNA is crazy good

off-road capability crazy good store

capability class three truck so if this

comes in at five thousand pounds I can

hold five thousand pounds which you know

no other Eevee can do obviously and no

Eevee coming out it can do so it's

amazing so it'll be the only class three

electric vehicle out there

overall the chastened design will remain

mostly the same but there is one visual

difference that you will notice the

prototype the two-door has a radiator

outlet on the side here in the fender

the new one has an outlet on the top and

a big inland in the front around the

headlights and that was done for

additional cooling and also the bigger

battery pack that's gonna go into

production b1 and b2 trucks just imagine

a full-size truck with heavy-duty

payload capability that has up to 20

inches of ground clearance

four-wheel drive with a high low

transfer case front and rear locking

differentials front and rear

disconnecting sway bars and a

self-levelling suspension Boulder says

there will be a provision for a winch

this in fact could be an electric Ram

Power Wagon killer our in wheel geared

hub this is completely designed in-house

by myself and Carl

it's a 4.34 of inch center distance

which gives you that much extra ground

clearance as well as a 194 to 1 gear

reduction ratio so you'll get extra

torque multiplication everything

upstream of that is a lot lighter

because of that so this is the the gear

set here it's a ACMA 12 quality ground

helical reduction it's a 2 inch face

with 6 pitch gear you know 23 pressure

angle pretty standard dimensions and

this will handle all the shock loading

from it's wheel slip and rock crawling

to yanking stumps so we instrumented the

all four wheels with what's called wheel

force transducers and that senses force

torque and acceleration and speed in six

directions well force and torque in six

directions yeah thanks so much Andre the

suspension is a unique hydraulic design

and it's height adjustable it's meant to

ride at the 15 inches of ground


normally for example on a highway but

you can also lower it to a 10 inch

ground clearance level for entry and

egress and loading or lifted off-road to

20 inches of ground clearance

so there's 10 inches of range on this

suspension and of course I want to drive

it offroad but that'll have to wait

until a little bit later combined power

output according to Bollinger is 614

horsepower there is a lot of juice there

it's a single gear but there is a high

and low range so basically you could

have high forward low forward high

reverse and low reverse so really four

settings for the transmission it's an

oval drive system so it's reacting to

the traction capability of the vehicle

and on the pickup truck up to five

thousand pounds of payload capability

and around 7,500 pounds of maximum

towing so the towing number is not very

high but the payload is where it's at as

far as Bollinger is concerned but what

about towing what are some of the

challenging because 7,500 it's kind of

like a midsize truck level of currently


yeah what are some of the challenges

there the main thing is is cooling so

with an electric powertrain is you're

generating heat in the batteries and in

the motors and the inverters and there's

a sort of a time limit of when you get

to saturation on the temperature so that

really determines what your continuous

power is and continues power is you know

if you're towing up you know i-70 out of

Denver in you're pulling forever and

ever and ever you're just gonna get into

continuous power anything like short

acceleration runs that's peak power so

that that you know thermal doesn't

necessarily come into it but you

sustained almost like a dyno pull yeah

you know we were just pull pull pull

that becomes your limiting factor how

much can you how much heat can you get

out of the system

and that's the balance of how much

weight can you pull how much power do

you need in order to pull that and then

keeping it cool the front rear bumper

design may change a little bit on the

production units but it's pretty neat

the hitch is actually hidden behind the

license plate on this truck and it is

wired for a seven pin connector so it's

pretty standard stuff 2 inch receiver

here this is the black box this is

actually the casing for the battery for

the bollinger truck and it's a hundred

and twenty kilowatt hours and bollinger

states that it would give the truck and

the SUV about 200 miles of range it's

not a lot of range because right now the

ribbing r1c with the biggest battery

option which is 180 kilowatt hours is

claiming 400 miles of range which is

twice of the bollinger but let's talk to

the expert and see exactly what the

charging times are at how this battery

works in the vehicle this particular

variant is kind of a composite some

carbon fiber included here to kind of

keep the weight down okay and then we

have multiple cooling plates as you can

tell running this way

that's liquid cooled yeah it'll bring

you water glycol coolant flowing through

the packs okay and then we put the

battery modules on top of the cooling

plates to kind of wick heat away that's

the bottom that's right that's right

yeah and to recharge actually our

vehicles really well equipped in terms

of options so there's an included high

powered charger that also is an inverter

so you can put power in when you're

charging or you can take power out like

if you want to be sort of out in a

remote wilderness setting you can power

tools you can get power tool power from

the from the vehicle you know sort of a

lot of small power inside the vehicle

for like USB chargers phone chargers

things like that even though it's a

fairly simplistic vehicle there's not a

lot of screens and you know visible

technology and the

having like under the hood you know

controlling the battery controlling the

electric motors the gearbox and even

sort of the translation of like operator

command from like excel pedal and brake

pedal so like what torque gets delivered

to the wheels this is a pretty modern

setup and so we actually have two

vehicle controllers that are identical

and redundant and in part for safety if

one would would fail the other would

detect it and we can take the

appropriate actions and here there's the

four-door b1 SUV and it's neat to see it

in the state actually because you can

see some of the components on the inside

so there is like I said electric motor

in the rear and one in the front and

here in the rear you can see kind of

inboard brake solution with the brake

caliper and the rotor and the suspension

is gonna be hanging out here so you do

have some wheel articulation because the

Bollinger SUV in truck like Robert said

are meant to be an off-road vehicle as

well very capable to get you to places

off the beaten path and behind me it's

kind of a chart which kind of looks like

Lego set instruction to me there's the

main chassis and Tunnel then you have

some additional components then the main

body frame etc etc etc and at the very

end of course you get a four-door SUV

guys here's the front electric motor

assembly it's pretty neat so the

electric motor itself is right here

that's a little bit over 300 horsepower

just right here it's very compact then

you have some gear train to connect it

to a high-low basically a transfer case

which is here then it goes to the

differential which is here it's

selectable locking differential and the

whole unit attaches to the chassis using

several bolts on both sides and some

other connections but the inboard brakes

are actually connected to the

differential and there's like a rubber

isolator in the middle so the whole unit

can be lowered and lifted in and this

drive unit weighs about 300 pounds all

together in the front and about the same

in the rear

it's pretty amazing how compact this is

so I'm here at the pretty cool moment

because they're just about to marry the

battery to the Ford or SUV chassis

itself and there's a lot of guys over

there trying to make it just right







it's a fully road-legal vehicle right so

how does a because you don't have

provisions for like a airbag system

alright how does that work out yeah so

we've been very honest from the front

from the very beginning we don't have

airbags class three vehicles you can

choose to go down the air bag safety

route or the seatbelt safety route so

you still have regulations for seatbelt

safety so we still have to do the crash

test with the with the cab if you will

and then we're doing a whole due

diligence list of safety protocols

simulated crash testing side pole front

all that kind of stuff for occupant

safety battery safety is a big thing too

so basically our trucks even though they

will fully be road legal as a class 3

vehicle they're gonna have a lot more

safety features to them then the federal

government requires the basically the

class 3 for the class 3 yeah ok so what

does it mean to be a class 3

classification truck well it's based on

the gross vehicle weight rating GVWR of

10001 pounds and with that weight class

certain things change like the safety

requirements kind of starting from the

front and rear there's a crash structure

that bolts on to the chassis so if you

were to hit say a row you know run into

a frontal barrier the that crash

structure is is engineered to reduce the

impact to the driver so there's a what's

called a VPI pulse and that's what the

the occupant actually feels so we do

most of our work with that and then the

seat belt does the rest of it I'm just

over 6 - and I'm sitting here in the

driver seat and there's plenty of space

I got a lot of legroom Headroom is also

plentiful and the same will be true with

the production versions of the truck but

what catches my eye the most is the

simplicity of the Interior and actually

the column shifter it's just basically

classic design but with modern

technology behind it I really like that

it's almost like a restomod where you

have a classic body but modern

powertrain I really love this idea

the windows are sliding design and

there's certain that lock to win

in a certain position front and rear so

we have options on how you want to air

out the vehicle while moving

I asked to drive the B one concept truck

but it's one of a kind concept vehicle

with many quirks and it wasn't in the

cards once Robert got it on the road I

was still able to get a quick first

impression it was like riding in the

conventional a CV or truck it has lots

of visibility lots of interior space and

a comfy suspension yes sir the whole

design of the whole vehicle inside it

out resolved supposed to be one language

and one thought so the interiors just is

clean and minimal as the outside so we

have round gauges we have flat panels

that you can unscrew yourself and put in

and you say you want to put in extra

switches for extra lights that you have

on it you can do that the left and right

or a mirror of each other so it's ready

for right-hand drive we got the air vent

thing on top here which is basically out

of necessity because we couldn't fit the

transfer box inside and because we

wanted to keep it clean and simple and

not bunch it out so we invented these so

we call machine guns but so it's

defroster vent beautiful and then you

can turn it completely off by turning it

inside too we still have the same thing

inside on the next vehicles with the

glass opening yeah

glass opening the tailgate and on the

new ones this we have a easier just

dismantle system if you will for the

rear glass so again all the glass would

come off on this prototype the front

windshield did not come off but on the

new ones they do



what's next is we will reveal the four

doors in September and then we'll have a

price point and then you'll be able to

go on our website and put a deposit in

make an actual pre-order and we still

have to announce that price point so

it's a whole big thing unto itself so

it's it's not a cheap vehicle you know

has six gearboxes 120 kilowatt hour pack

it's a lot going into this truck there

is no truck for sale currently but

there's ravine you know Tesla is talking

about it

there's Atlas there's several other

companies this year competitor are you

targeting somebody or just kind of doing

your own thing how does that work right

well even that f150 had something out

the other day train yeah so I don't know

where that's at in development but we

always knew there's gonna be an electric

f-150 I always knew there'd be other

things out there maybe GM is doing

something yeah so from the very

beginning we just said let's just do our

own thing because we can't I don't want

to compete against a Ford f-150 that's

not our thing so we're gonna have our

own electric pickup truck and be in that

segment but ours will just be a good

different completely different kind of

animal will have a different target

audience I believe so I think ours will

be our trucks we'll just with the 15

inch ground clearance alone it'll be

like that's almost twice of what's

anything on the road right now so I

think we're a much better truck out of

the gate and we're gonna be different

you either love it or you hate it if you

love it hopefully you buy it if you hate

it there'll be other trucks you can go

buy and I'm totally cool with that but

we don't plan on being a million

vehicles a year or anything like that so

we'll have our own niche of enthusiasts

and people who love us and that's great

for us okay so availability is at end of

2020 or yeah end of 2020 is when will be

ramping up the production and then the

actual ones off the line for sale mostly

in 2021

so the peers that Bollinger is making

progress along the way to production

Robert told me that first customer

trucks will arrive in early 2021 and of

course stay tuned to TFO truck comm for

a lot more coverage not just on

Bollinger but all the other electrified

trucks coming out including the Ford

f-150 hybrid and the all-electric truck

as well

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