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We all know that dads can be hard to shop for. They never seem to want anything in particular, or if they do, they won’t say what it is. Sure, there are the cliché picks of a new tie, a 12 pack of their favorite brew, or a couple of nice cuts of meat to grill up; but what about something a bit more unique? We’ve put together a list of 7 gifts that your truck loving father is sure to appreciate!


For the dads out there who always seem to have a project to do somewhere. Whether they are off to one of the kid's houses to do some home repairs, out on the job site, out of town at their cabin retreat or rural property, or just fixing things up at home, these dads never seem to stop. A high-quality truck toolbox makes for the perfect gift if this describes your father. Not only will this toolbox help to keep tools organized and prevent them from being lost, but it will make his truck look better at the same time. A gift that is equally as functional as it as thoughtful, truck tool boxes are a worthy inclusion on this list for sure.


Is your dad the outdoorsy type? Always taking weekend fishing trips, hunting trips, or going camping? Or maybe he is a bit of a sports fanatic and can be found tailgating every home game without fail? Either way, a Yeti cooler is a top tier gift idea for Father’s Day. These coolers come in a variety of sizes to suit any need and are among the highest quality in the world. Yeti coolers will keep your drinks colder than just about any other chiller on the market, come equipped with sturdy handles for ease of moving, lock securely to prevent spills, and feature a convenient drain to drain away excess water at the end of a trip after the ice has melted. Not to mention they will fit in the truck bed without a problem! A surefire hit for any dad on the go.


Does your father love his truck? If so, a professional-quality detail is sure to put a smile on his face! Few things in the world are as satisfying to a truck lover as seeing their truck with that fresh off the lot shine. Consider scheduling a detail for your dad with your local shop; or picking up a gift card for detail if you are worried about scheduling conflicts. Professional quality in and out detail will have his truck looking and feeling brand new and save him hours of work in the process.


Another truck accessory that makes a perfect gift for the truck loving father. Tonneau covers are incredibly useful accessories that help to protect the bed of the truck (and of course the cargo inside of it). Tonneau covers offer a variety of advantages outside of just bed protection; theft deterrence, improved gas mileage, and an overall sharper aesthetic are among some of the key benefits of a tonneau cover. This handy gift is where form meets functionality, and your dad is sure to love it!


If your father is someone who spends long hours on the road in his truck, whether for work or just on road trips, a satellite radio subscription service can make a fantastic gift. SiriusXM has radio stations that are perfect for anyone. Sports talk, news, classic rock, country, pop, you name it, and SiriusXM has a channel for it. This is a ideal gift your dad is continuously traveling long distances and having to find new radio stations in each area he goes to. No more annoyance, no more seemingly endless commercials, no more spotty signals, just ultra high-quality music and radio talk custom-tailored to his inclinations.


If you are looking for an excellent truck accessory on the lower end of the budget spectrum, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful set of floor mats. WeatherTech and Husky Liners are both reliable brands that should make a full set of all-weather floor mats for whatever make and model of truck your father drives. Aftermarket floor mats like these are designed to stand up to constant use and abuse under any weather conditions. Rain or shine, sleet or snow, mud or sand, it won’t matter to a high-quality floor mat. Not only will this help to protect the interior of your father’s truck, but they’ll help to keep it clean as well. As a bonus, aftermarket floor mats often have a much more beautiful look than stock mats and can help make the interior of the truck look new again.

7 – AN ArmorThane BEDLINER

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include ArmorThane bedliners! ArmorThane is the original spray on bedliner and is custom-designed to perfectly fit your father’s truck without a single issue. ArmorThane is a quality product that you can put your faith in. These bedliners feature interlocking technology that perfectly protects the sidewalls as well as the floor of the truck bed. On top of that, their NoSkid polyurea mix will prevent cargo from slipping and sliding around in your dad’s truck. If you want the perfect gift for a truck lover, look no further than ArmorThane!

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Which Bedliner Is Best? ArmorThane Vs Line-X Vs. Rhino Linings

by on August 26, 2019

As a new truck owner, you want to protect your truck with the highest quality truck bedliner available. Whether you use your truck for off-roading adventures or as a work truck and daily driver, having a bedliner that plays and works as hard as you do is essential. However, with an influx of bedliners that are available for any model of truck, it can be confusing and even overwhelming deciding what type of bedliner you should go with for your truck. To make this process more simple for you, we're taking three of top brand names of bedliners in the industry, LINE-X, ArmorThane, and Rhino Linings and comparing the three. If you'd like to know more about your options, contact Red Desert Off-Road today to see what bedliner is best suited for your budget, lifestyle, and truck.
Rhino, ArmorThane and LINE-X Similarities
Before we take a look at the differences of each of these bedliners, let's first take a look at the similarities between these three industry leaders:

The installation of any of the three bedliners is relatively similar. According to online sources and call in checks, a Rhino Lining will cost you around  $470.41, a LINE-X bed liner will cost you about $481.77. However, Armorthane will only cost $450.00. These prices were found by using the national average and could be higher or lower depending on the city in which you have your bedliner sprayed in.
Image result for armorthane vs
The installation process is similar, and the effectiveness of the bedliner is only as good as the installer. Since LINE-X is a franchise, all installers are certified in the proper techniques and processes to install spray-on bedliners the right way, every time. ArmorThane has the benefit of not being a franchise. However, they require their instructors must certify each company selling their product.
Each of the truck bedliners offers a Lifetime Warranty. It's important to note that the Rhino Lining's warranty is a limited warranty and since individuals rather than franchises own rhino locations, you may have more difficulties if your bed liner tears or if installed incorrectly.
All three liners can be color matched to fit your specifications.
Each bedliner effectively dampens sounds and reduces overall impact.
Image result for armorthane vs
Rhino Bedliners
One of the main differences you'll notice immediately between a Rhino bedliner, ArmorThane and a LINE-X bedliner are how much softer a Tuff Grip Rhino bedliner is. This is due to the increased thickness and the materials that are used in the creation process of this particular bedliner. For some people, this softness is a positive attribute of Rhino bedliners since it isn't as rough as LINE-X and ArmorThane and is more gentle on both the knees and cargo.
However other types of Rhino liners, such as the SolarMax, IExtreme and HardLine liners are comparable to LINE-X Premium, Platinum or XTRA LINE-X liners. If you were to set out the three different brands, i would have to say ArmorThane is the one that would truly stand out. Their copyrighted family owned and passed down chemical mixture is something out of this world and so much better than any other brands chemical mixture that we have ever seen.

Another difference between Rhino, ArmorThane, and LINE-X is that because Rhino installers are not part of a franchise and not required to go through the same rigorous training as ArmorThane, Rhino liner is applied and installed differently from one installer to the next. ArmorThane's trainers have been in the industry since ArmorThane started 30 years ago and they fly out to each location and spend a week going over step by step how to correctly spray. They do not leave until certification has been approved and all testing has been passed.

Other important things to consider about Rhino Bed Liners:
Since Rhino Liners use a thicker material to coat the surface of the truck bed, the lining won't follow the dips of the truck bed like a LINE-X or ArmorThane Spray on bedliner can.
Thicker bedliners are typically attributed to a duller appearance, which can be frustrating, especially if you spend extra money on color matching your Rhino bedliner.
Rhino truck bedliners are not as tear resistant or water resistant as the materials used in LINE-X and ArmorThane bedliners.
LINE-X BedLiners
Where Rhino bedliners are sprayed thicker, LINE-X liners tend to be on the thinner side (about ¼" thick) which adds to overall increased durability. Using a high-pressure system that runs at temperatures between 130 degrees-210 degrees Fahrenheit, LINE-X is free from cracking or flaking and sets in about 3-5 seconds. After 24 hours, your truck bedliner will be ready to haul anything, as the bedliner will be 100% dry and ready to use.

With ArmorThane Bedliners....
ArmorThane offers a higher tensile strength in all of their bedliners, which equates to unmatched protection from gouges, rips, and tears.
With ArmorThane you'll hear less noise for a quieter ride because of its impact absorbing surface.
Due to the precise application of ArmorThane bedliner to the surface of your truck bed, you won't have to worry about lost cargo space for bedlids, camper shells, 5th wheel hitches, utility boxes,etc.
ArmorThane spray-on bedliners permanently attach to your truck bed, leaving you with a factory-like finish and a watertight seal. Since there are no gaps or drill holes, you won't have to worry about rust or corrosion ruining your bed.
Spray-on bedliners from ArmorThane are also resistant to most chemicals like fuel, bleach, and other household solvents.

Making A Decision
Image result for armorthane vsTo summarize, both bed liners have positive features, which is what makes them so popular as truck bedliners. Many newer products from Rhino lining are comparable to LINE-X, but most of them still fall short in the areas where it matters most, and this is where ArmorThane stands out as the leader in quality of the product, best installation and warranty features.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty truck bedliner that will stand the test of time, opt for an ArmorThane liner. Moreover, if you're still not positive what type of bedliner is the optimal bedliner for you and your truck's needs, contact

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Spraying A Bedliner With ArmorThane

by on August 23, 2019

Welcome back to performance TV, if you own a pickup truck like this Toyota, Tundra, you're gon na haul stuff, and what happens you scratch up? The bed got a beautiful truck and ugly looking bed. Well, I'm with Jack Anderson of ArmorThane and he's gonna put the beauty back in our bed. Now Jack, there are spray-on bed liners, there are drop-in ones. We Will do a spray-on today. Tell me the advantage of that advantage of a spray-on liner is when we spray it in it's going to be a perfect seal in our bed. It's not going to be as slippery as far as holding our load when we break or accelerate fast biggest disadvantage to a drop-in liner is it's in there. It'S looking good, you think you're protecting the paint, but when you go to take it out, you find out that that drop in liner is is moved around on the floor. That'S gonna scratch. It I scratched it up a lot of times. It'S removed all the paint. So now you have bare metal water, dirt, corrosives get underneath even salt on the roads, all in the road I'm in the winter, and so when you pull your drop Ian out, you'll often find that it would have probably been better off. Had it not been in there because of the damage that it's actually done to the bed Wow now we're gonna put a spray-on bedliner on this truck today and obviously, there's gon na be some prep work. So let's get started. Okay, before we ground and our prepping, our bed we're going to go ahead and remove the last of the hardware in here all right, you know the hooks out of it we'll take the tie-downs out now what about these bed bolts, because the owner has chosen To leave them in the armored theme will seal around them and and make a good seal on the floor. Our run some of the trucks, the bed bolts, need to be pulled for a service issue, so in this case the owners opted to leave them in all right, less work, that's worth once we get these tie-downs out. What'S next step, tailgate we'll go the tailgate when we get to our tailgate we're going to check and make sure we don't have any wiring from the tailgate to the the bed for backup cameras or backup. Sensors make sure we have all our wires unplugged and then we'll take and remove our tailgate all right. We got our tailgate off we're ready to tape it off, but we're gon na remove this panel jack. Now. Why are we removing this panel? Well, if we left the panel in place and frayed the tailgate with our machine, we would seal this panel to the tailgate and, unfortunately, mechanical parts have a way of breaking it. So if we had an issue in here, we wouldn't be able to get this panel off all right, so we're just gon na space it up so we're gon na take this panel loose we're gon na tape, the linkage rods in the lock, and then we got These tricky little wood blocks here when we actually spray it we're gon na. Have it spaced up away from the tailgate, we'll still get our arm Athene around the inspection cover and the tailgate, but when we're done spraying we'll take our blocks out, we can push back the lamp and put it back down. It'S removable all right! Well, you're ready tape, I'm ready to tape into prep of the tailgate, but Jack. Now we've got tape off the bed. Well, we're gon na tape. It okay, we're gon na start with our wide tape. We'Re gon na wrap it around this edge. We'Re gon na go clear around the bed. We'Re gon na, take our narrow tape and we're gon na go just behind the crown back here around the tailgate opening all right. Well then, I'm gon na tape off the bolts that will hold the tonneau cover I'll put them back in. So we don't get any liner inside the bowl holes yeah rough up the surface. It'S not gon na. Stick, we don't rough. It up correct crack all right! Then we'll wipe it out with a snowman in all, it's left drape to plastic and we're ready to spray you betcha, once Jack has finished masking the bed. He will cover the rest of the truck with plastic to prevent damage, and he will start spraying will have that when performance TV returns, welcome back to performance TV. Well, now that Tommy, you Jack, have all the prep work done. Now we get a chance to get into the front parts of really making it look good. First of all, I don't understand why Tom Tom he's used to getting them a fire suit all the time. I'M not sure. Why he's not the one? That'S back there doing all that, but anyway Hank operations manager for armor Thane we're putting black today on the pickup truck. But that's just one of a many plethora of colors that you guys offer, and you know all of the different things you guys can apply this to that's really. The neat part is why we brought the mobile unit today to do this work. We can do something in the shop. That'S great. We have the ability to take it so much more beyond trucks, trucks to heavy equipment, to work at a move in marine applications to residential and other commercial work. You can even take it down to the Texas oil fields and spray spill containment around tank batteries and drilling sites anywhere that there's something that needs to be protected. Our materials do a great job protected, and you know like the steps like even putting this stuff on a deck or something like that. Now, though, the prepping be a little bit different, you know and what you think about they have it the mobile unit, and you can do this in a shop hey. This sounds like a great business opportunity. It really is, there's a lot of applications that are opening up and a lot of ability that people have to take it and go somewhere with it and and do a new application or expand an industry. We do like. I said everything from you know: marine applications to spill containment, there's plenty of opportunities around and we're just looking for people who have that get up and go to take it out there and find the next one. Now, keep in mind that spraying a truck bed can take a while. So we asked Jack to fill us in on some of the tips and techniques he uses with armored thing. A lot of places that Apple tell users will miss. Is the area up underneath the bed? Rail and so that's? Why that's one of the first areas that that we sure dealers, how to spray or what to spray, is to stand behind the truck bed and spray up underneath of that rail or stepping to the side? And actually spraying the side panel getting enough thickness around the edges, we like we like to have a full quarter, inch around the tailgate opening and around the edge of the tailgate and usually on the average pickup truck you'll spray, the side walls three to four coats On the floor, sometimes six to eight to get your mill thickness that you require when you get the bed done and you go back to the tailgate and you'll finish it up with your third in your fourth coat for the most part, the plastic or rubber pieces. In the front of the bed, where a hole and access hole to get it down, the assembly line at the plant, there's never anything behind them. So we always ask the customer and/or the dealer you want them sprayed over. Do you want to take them out? We prefer to spray them over because they're made to slip over a piece of thin sheet metal. So when you put 3/16 coating on the bed, then the plugs never stay in. They never look right, and so it's best if they don't have a preference. This frame over there's, what's called a texture coat when you get done the spraying. The truck liner you'll have shiny spots rough spots, not so rough spots, and the texture is what goes over it from a distance of 5 to 6 feet and it's kind of used you're sprinkling the droplets over. What you're gaining is two things you're making it all. Look the same, and that's where you get your slip resistance a bed liner with no texture will be slippery when wet won't hold the cargo load very well so, based on what the truck is going to actually be used for, there's degrees of texture and extra real Severe or you can put a real fine texture, so that's like I said, that's all done from six to eight feet with the gun just moving, slowly back and forth over the pad. Now we have the final finished product. All done. Look how nice and smooth it is it contours nice with the bed, it will keep this truck bed looking beautiful, no matter what you haul in your truck!

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