8 Easy Upgrades For Your New Truck | Truck Accessories Explained

So you got a new truck now....
You've got the bug and want to make it even better. But where do you start if you're not ready for more advanced upgrades like a lift kit and steel bumpers?
Keep watching to find out.... Because we've got many of the upgrades for your new truck:

Now, no we're not really going to tell you to buy truck nuts. Those are so last year. We think that's the easiest, and probably one of the most functional upgrades you can make is replacing your carpet floor mats with a rubber set.

This simple upgrade means you can get as much mud on your boots as you want and still be able to wash them off with the hose when you get home. Also, a tu and keeping your truck clean and shiny is mud flaps. Now they won't keep your truck perfectly clean, but mud flaps do lower the amount of dirt and rocks and other debris that could scrape up your paint. Our third suggestion for upgrades to your new truck are wheels and tires.
You can go larger and wider, or stick with your stock sizes, an upgrade to more aggressive tires and wheels can really take a stock truck from good to great in both looks and performance. It'S also one area where the customization is nearly limitless at SEMA. The wheel and tires exhibit halls are nearly half a million square feet. If you can't find something you like here, you may not like cars or trucks at all. Now, in some states, your new wire tires can cause problems with the law. If they stick out past the body of your truck and that's what fender flares come in available in several different styles from sleek street flares to stop looking bolt, ons fender flares are easy to install and considered an affordable upgrade. Bushwhacker is a great company when you're looking for fender flares for your new truck next on our list is to upgrade your side step, whether your truck didn't come with them at all, or you just aren't happy with yours. New nerf bars are a solid addition to your ride. We'Ve got a bunch of styles to choose from there's the end fab step running boards, rock sliders and more color match black or chrome. It'S your truck, do whatever you think looks better extra security protection from the element and fuel efficiency are just a few reasons buy. Tonneau cover, which comes in at number. Six. There are a ton of options for tonneau covers some of the files. Are roll-up, folding, retractable, hinged covers and heavy duty. We highly suggest doing your research here, because each type has different features and benefits, and if you keep a lookout, we will do a video, so they subscribe now good, looks and functionary nice. Well. What? If you want to add more power, our next two upgrades have to do with the engine and in a number seven is a new intake. Increasing air input to your engine can easily add anywhere from ten to fifty horsepower and takes just under an hour to insult and our final easy upgrades for your new truck. We have a tuner. Not only will it sooner add power, but it allows the ultimate customization of your truck with options like rev, limiter settings shift points and other electronic settings. Another benefit is that, if you put on larger tires, a tuner will fix your speedometer to correct for the size, change, be sure to check out the wide range of products available for weld line and subscribe to our channel for new video every Friday until next time. I'M Tenma 4-wheel online