8 Easy Upgrades For Your New Truck | Truck Accessories Explained

by on July 23, 2019

So you got a new truck now....
You've got the bug and want to make it even better. But where do you start if you're not ready for more advanced upgrades like a lift kit and steel bumpers?
Keep watching to find out.... Because we've got many of the upgrades for your new truck:

Now, no we're not really going to tell you to buy truck nuts. Those are so last year. We think that's the easiest, and probably one of the most functional upgrades you can make is replacing your carpet floor mats with a rubber set.

This simple upgrade means you can get as much mud on your boots as you want and still be able to wash them off with the hose when you get home. Also, a tu and keeping your truck clean and shiny is mud flaps. Now they won't keep your truck perfectly clean, but mud flaps do lower the amount of dirt and rocks and other debris that could scrape up your paint. Our third suggestion for upgrades to your new truck are wheels and tires.
You can go larger and wider, or stick with your stock sizes, an upgrade to more aggressive tires and wheels can really take a stock truck from good to great in both looks and performance. It'S also one area where the customization is nearly limitless at SEMA. The wheel and tires exhibit halls are nearly half a million square feet. If you can't find something you like here, you may not like cars or trucks at all. Now, in some states, your new wire tires can cause problems with the law. If they stick out past the body of your truck and that's what fender flares come in available in several different styles from sleek street flares to stop looking bolt, ons fender flares are easy to install and considered an affordable upgrade. Bushwhacker is a great company when you're looking for fender flares for your new truck next on our list is to upgrade your side step, whether your truck didn't come with them at all, or you just aren't happy with yours. New nerf bars are a solid addition to your ride. We'Ve got a bunch of styles to choose from there's the end fab step running boards, rock sliders and more color match black or chrome. It'S your truck, do whatever you think looks better extra security protection from the element and fuel efficiency are just a few reasons buy. Tonneau cover, which comes in at number. Six. There are a ton of options for tonneau covers some of the files. Are roll-up, folding, retractable, hinged covers and heavy duty. We highly suggest doing your research here, because each type has different features and benefits, and if you keep a lookout, we will do a video, so they subscribe now good, looks and functionary nice. Well. What? If you want to add more power, our next two upgrades have to do with the engine and in a number seven is a new intake. Increasing air input to your engine can easily add anywhere from ten to fifty horsepower and takes just under an hour to insult and our final easy upgrades for your new truck. We have a tuner. Not only will it sooner add power, but it allows the ultimate customization of your truck with options like rev, limiter settings shift points and other electronic settings. Another benefit is that, if you put on larger tires, a tuner will fix your speedometer to correct for the size, change, be sure to check out the wide range of products available for weld line and subscribe to our channel for new video every Friday until next time. I'M Tenma 4-wheel online


by on July 12, 2019


Spray-in bed liners are hard bedliners that are made to protect your truck bed. They are typically made from polyurea and polyurethane elastomer which sticks directly to the truck's cargo area. Spray-in bedliners will not fall out or shift as your truck moves. When installed accurately, they also block water, grime, and other environmental elements from damaging your truck bed. Most bed liners have a gritty consistency to them, to prevent objects from shifting or sliding around in your truck bed.

When it comes to picking the best spray in bedliner for your truck, there are several bedliner companies to consider. However, three top manufacturers typically come to mind. These manufacturers are ArmorThane, Line-X, and Rhino Linings. Explore the information below about each manufacturer:
ArmorThane – ArmorThane is the counterpart of Rhino Linings, and users consider it to be indestructible. There truly is no comparison between all the name brand bedliners and ArmorThane. Especially when you add in customer services and all the charity done by this company. They believe in giving back to those that made them who they are. This is not to take away from their fantastic work on bedliners. You will not find a better quality more indestructible.

Even in extremely harsh weather, movement within the truck bed with an ArmorThane spray-in bedliner is practically nonexistent. Tests show that even after spilling materials such as oil and lacquer thinner on this bed lining, no destruction was visible. No bedliner can stand up to the toughness of an ArmorThane Bedliner.

Reviews online also state that if you want to choose a spray in bed liner that would last your entire life, ArmorThane is the best option. Customers of the bedliner say that nothing seeps through this bedliner and no scratches are ever reported seen after several years.

ArmorThane lists the following benefits to their product on their website:
No scratching paint
Maximized cargo space
Wide range of colors and OEM color match
No worry with the fit; fits all sizes, shapes
No vibration or noise
No fading, warping, cracking
Easy to clean
Increased resale value

"ArmorThane shows Performance TV how to prep a BedLiner."

"Applying ArmorThane Bed Liners"

2. Line-X – While people protest that Rhino Linings make the side walls look sagging, Line-X is a good choice for those who want them to look more molded in appearance. As compared to Rhino Linings, Line X seems to be more durable, especially for people who are going to use their trucks on a regular basis. Line-X keeps the truck looking flawless while Rhino Linings develops tears, and the texture is almost rubbery, which is off-putting to most that encounter it.

A territorial manager of a Line-X store confirmed that Line X is more durable than Rhino Linings because of a superior curing process. While Rhino Linings follow a low-pressure curing system which makes them less durable, Line X is made from a high-pressure curing system. According to their website, "Line-X's range of tough, durable coatings are guaranteed to protect your truck and more from the harshest of elements… In addition to customizing trucks and SUVs, we excel at delivering advanced protective coatings solutions with commercial, municipal, industrial, and manufacturing applications."

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3. Rhino Linings – Rhino Linings is most well-known for its ability to decrease the road noise when it is used on the pickup bed. It is also a versatile product which can be used at a lot of places without any hassles. The brand is trusted and loved by truck owners because of its reliability. Reviewers of the product also praise the way only a hose is required to wash off the truck and make it as good as new after Rhino Linings has been used and things like bulk sand, Belgian Block, firewood and others have been carried. It's essential to get these linings from a reputable installer.

Rhino Linings come with a lifetime warranty, but it's imperative to have a professional install the lining initially to ensure it's quality. The government experimented on various spray-on technologies for bomb protection, and as per that report, ArmorThane was the only one that passed the test.

Just like ArmorThane, Rhino Linings has been around for "more than a quarter century" and have gained distinction as "superior quality, strength, and durability" according to their website. They also have more than 2,000 independently-owned and operated businesses in almost 80 countries.

5 CHEAP ways to build your truck!

by on July 12, 2019
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Custom Offsets TV on YouTube
Coming at you with another one of those five things articles.
So these are gonna be the five ways that you can build your truck for less. I know a lot of people, you know, they go out and they'll buy a truck and then they want to build it up. But not everybody has the budget to build something crazy right off the bat. So we're going to go over some of the ways that you can save some money.

So the first thing on our list today, we're gonna be talking about wheels. So, obviously, that is one
of the first modifications that many people make
when they are going to build their truck. What is hot right now is, clearly,he big, giant, polished forged wheels, however, those things come in at a pretty hefty price.

So one of the ways that you can combat that price is to use a standard cast wheel, however, there is a lot of companies out there now that are making the wheel designs that are, you know, mimicking the
forged wheel patterns. I know one of the ones recently that everybody at the shop is falling in love with is the TIS 544. So, in chrome, that the wheel looks very similar to some of your specialty forged moreover, American Force forged wheels. However, it comes in at a much lower price point, moreover, in my opinion, it's easier to clean. Forged wheels definitely take some time because it's not a chrome finish, contrary to popular belief. It's fully polished, so that means you cannot just go around and wipe them down with a microfiber.

You need to take them in to be polished when they do get filthy. With a chrome wheel, you can use, like, we have our own wheel care kit. You can use Custom Offset shine kit, and it's super easy. You can do that right at home. Spray them down with some water, and then clean them up using our shine kit. The other option, too, is to just stick with the classic, clean Moto Metal 962. Plenty of people hate on the Moto Metals because it's a Moto metal, but there's really nothing wrong with them. And that 962 in a chrome finish is just really simple and clean. And, again, you're gonna get that polished look without having to spend the forged price. Number two on the list is wheel-related also, but in a different aspect. So one of the things that those forged wheel companies do is, because they're custom made to order, they're drilled to your bolt pattern, so they have, usually, exposed lug nuts. Now, in cast wheels, typically you're gonna find a dual drilled wheel, so that means that one single wheel can be used on multiple vehicles. And the reason why wheel companies do that is because it allows them to make one mold for two different vehicles. So that's part of how they can keep some of the pricing down.

But one of our favorite companies out there right now is Hostile, and that's simply because they make some killer looking wheels and they have exposed lug nuts as wellThere's other wheel companies out there, also, that do the same thing. They give you the exposed lug nuts that you can run the spikes. And there's various companies, also, that are starting to really make the cap shallower.
So, moving on to number three, we're gonna talk a little bit about lift kits.

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Now, one of the best ways to save money, two good examples are BDS and Zone. So, it's pretty commonly known in the truck world that BDS is the parent company of Zone.
So, if you're buying a Zone kit, you can save some money,
but you still get the same engineering aspects
that go into the BDS kit. But they're able to produce the Zone kits for a more affordable price point.And a lot of that has to
do with material selection or finishes, and then, as well,
as just the shocks that come with it. So, like on a BDS kit,
most people are getting the Fox shocks. On the Zone kit you can get, like, the Zone adventure series, and that helps, again, keep that cost down when you're
looking to build your truck. Then again, if you don't want to step up to the Zone price point either, and you're literally just looking for the cheapest thing possible, there is nothing wrong with Rough Country.
One of the guys, actually, multiple people at the shop
run Rough Country kits on their trucks, because, if you just want a six inch lift and you do not necessarily care how good it rides, you get the Rough Country. It is not like it is that terrible. They ride pretty decently.

You can check out, we actually did a history of Rough Country video/Check that out. It kind of explains in detail, you know, the history behind Rough Country and what goes into their kits. The fourth way to save some money when you're looking to build your truck is to cheap out on tires.
Now, some people are gonna say that you shouldn't cheap out on tires. I personally agree. I think tires are really important because that's the only thing keeping your vehicle attached to the roadway. Really important in cars, but in trucks, if you're just driving a show vehicle and you're going to and from the meets, you're not taking it off road, you're not doing any high speed driving, if you want to get a cheap tire, that's fine by me.

So a couple companies out there that do make good, cheap tires, we just did a five things video about cheap tires. You want to specifically check that out. But, just off the top of my head, AMP makes a good tire. We run those on our Hummer. Atturo makes a good tire. We've had that on a couple different vehicles. And then Federal with the Couragia M/T, super aggressive mud tireand really affordable. I had a set of those and, I mean, they do what you need a cheap tire to do. So, lastly, number five. If you're looking to save some money on your truck, initially, right off the
bat, there is one thing that you can do that can save you a ton of money, especially if you're
just looking to show up at the Walmart meets and look cool, just bu y a gasser. Not everybody needs a diesel.
But, then again, they are pretty fun.

So Sean, actually, he has a gasser C-O 2, which is our big, giant white 2500.
Probably gonna make some people mad by telling you guys this, but that's a gasser. It's not the diesel. I'm driving a Duramax now, but our white truck is just a gasser.
And people love it, so there's nothing wrong with them.

If you have a suggestion, make sure you drop it
in the comments. I have to figure out how to get back to the shop, because I've just been driving and talking and I have no idea where I am.