World's First Modified Jeep Gladiator by Off Road Evolution

], alright, guys what's up Matt here, desert chief, your truck editor, a driving line, I'm here in Moab at the entrance to seal bender and we're here with Mel Wade and male' behind you is the finished Gladiator yeah so g4t, so overland gladiator, I'm 40 inch tires. Okay, like that, oh gee, 40s. That'S the name! We'Re super happy with yeah. It'S awesome, so we just finished up still bender and obviously that trail hides a few obstacles that some people may have an opinion about the wheelbase and the departure angles and the approach angles on the gladiator. But I mean I was in the firm for some parts of the obstacles you're in and we had no issues at all yeah. Why? Don'T you lift him up? You know we went out testing with the stock and yeah. There was some stuff. We wouldn't did that stock. Maybe was a Rubicon even drove over stuff but yeah once we lift it up, you have to get a certain amount of heights on anything belly pan and if you want to do some of the sprawling stuff yeah, so we got that Heights on a chair. We weren't high standing anywhere and the departure angle. We were. We were making jumps inside the car talking about breaking the internet cuz. It was like we're coming off ledges as big, and I hitting on the back so yeah got that bumper up nice and tight awesome. So we got it all set up here, just to show everybody the rooftop tent from Rome, adventure, Co and obviously all the other accessories they put on the bed here. So we have the NATO 40 inch truck grapplers on this AMC machete wheels. We talked about some of the stuff in our previous video when we were at the shop yeah. It was like what 10 days ago that was so you guys did some testing with Casey on White's last night. I understand: did a nice shoe actually angled everything we're pretty cool yeah. We also got the a little best top Sunrider on there yeah. I was looking at that that thing's pretty nice it's a little easier than pulling your hands off. Yeah yeah, that's very cool King shocks, rode real, smooth out there having a lot kind of mouthing so yeah kind of really close a week, some tweaks, but a very happy with the way it is right now actually runs really really good yeah. You guys are running a Warn winch on this guy, but we didn't have to use it I'll get it used this week, pretty sure well, yeah the damn Spicer axles, and then this is the first. I had a long long time the electric lockers on this one. Just try to make it simple and we haven't had any issues whatsoever with that. Yet it looks pretty cool. I'Ve been always a big ERV, guys still em, but on this one we wanted to go kind of simplicity and try to get lectured lockers, and I seem to work out pretty pretty pretty good awesome. You guys obviously have all your Evo armor on there as well. The sliders are just extended versions of the jail once you have currently I'm a little different body. Parts are all different, yeah yeah and then the rear bumper was was the real nice part. Now I was this wasn't done when we were there last time, but you guys have it nice and tucked away without that tow hitch there, and you know you know, there's no, nothing blocking you from being able to cut away and get that clearance. Yes, we actually don't cut nothing on the body. Nothing on the frame the frame is that high. We just brought the bumper off okay, yeah, so pretty cool. Yet there was no cutting or mods on that. It was just our bumper bolts on, in fact their whole bolts right on. You got some lights in there too yeah, and then you got your bracket kit there on the rear, dana 60 that raised up all the actual mouths yeah to help with that. Much lip on shorter, okay yeah, so it corrects all the angles: the track bar yeah. I mean you're, not over lighting until you have over your fridge freezer right. I know I got one of these too and I love it I'd say everywhere you go yeah. It'S awesome, it's got the bed rack here. All finished up looks fantastic, it's a little lower than cab height, so you can mount a ten on there and it's not always way up high. You know the wind resists, a bush is and scrape the whole top sure. Okay, you got all kinds of cool KC lights, all all up and down this rack here too yeah chase rack. Let me doing the trucks oh yeah, yes, Coulson has blinking Amber's and clears and red Red's on both sides after Nick Knowles and flashers. So, just gon na replace your chase truck your Chevy. This will be done. We'Ll start nothing, I'm keeping out it's not going to replace this add-on yeah and that's the closest thing. I love that truck in a week. We will and that's what this spring really felt. Like yeah really felt like that, as opposed but better so yeah, it wasn't as wide, so our Chevy's are with the glass in every line or about two inches wider than the fender flares on these okay. So this two cabs in bored, you can go around stuff versus a full-size Chevy. Do that every night it's pretty pretty nimble through those corners and stuff. Well, I can say with confidence that this vehicle is capable of pretty much anything you can do out here in Moab. We had a lot of fun with it today out on a on steel bender, and we look forward to a few more adventures as this vehicle. The way it is now and, of course, Mel told us in the last video his plans for it coming later, this fall we're gon na run it as a venture vehicle like this over landing and capping a rock rolling all of our jkx stuff, all our Nitto Jqx jlx this'll be on earth Archie's vehicle along with our experiences, but in at the entity or after offered Expo we're gon na bring it back down the stock and put all the stock parts back. Nice showcase that showcase the points and how to enhance and we're gon na make this into a baja truck in the bone stock class for 1000. So super exciting gon na put an all-star team together to campaign this through and they're. Also gon na be bringing our spec trophy truck through all the same time yeah to target to car campaign. Well, I'm super excited, I'm sure you're super excited about that. So we're gon na be following along with og 40, as Mel just saw what it's called on. Some of the more adventures we're gon na be hitting between now and when it starts coming apart and getting rebuilt again, but we also want to give a huge shout out to Jeep. They were they're integral in this whole yeah it so be back by Jeep. Now is absolutely a dream. Come true, yeah Ivan my first car was a Jeep pick up a Willys pickup truck 51 willing to pick up truck, always been buying them always been, and building them up, modifying them to be able to be dealing with the top guys. Over there, just it's so cool, so thank you, Jeep yeah I'll tell you what you guys did such a good job with the spider. You turn this old toyota guy into a jeep guy. I'M actually gon na be buying one of these for myself. Soon, too, we're not trying to replace the Wrangler, so we're really trying not to showcase the rock rolling. That'S our background. I want to showcase some of that. You want to submit those trucks or this step Tacoma. Is that it's a Chevy Colorado. It'S all those campaigns. This not on a box would eat up and then for minimal. This is kind of a wild end, but we can do something for under ten grand and I have absolutely bitchin vehicle. Do all this kind of stuff yeah, pretty neat. I'M gon na hold you to that because I wan na be building mine up pretty awesome. Well, Mel thanks a lot. We got a lot of fun today. Out of your trail run, and we can't wait to see what else you guys come up with with this awesome build, and we appreciate you having us out and showing us. You know this amazing machine you guys put together awesome. Thank you following okay know: we'll see: [ Music ], you