10 Things You WANT Know About the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

by on May 20, 2021


The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning will be the very first F-150 with an electric powertrain. This isn't a hybrid; it's a totally electric vehicle.
That indicates no gas engine and electric power, not just for your truck however even for your house. Here are ten things you would like to know about the all-new 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning.

Performance Inspired by the Mustang Mach-E
The all-electric Mustang Mach-E took the Mustang name in a whole brand-new instructions, just like how the F-150 Lightning takes the F-150 in a brand-new direction. Ford took what it discovered during the advancement of the Mustang Mach-E and utilized that knowledge in the development of the F-150 Lightning. That included producing a "wow" aspect through remarkable performance figures.
The F-150 Lightning posts a 0-60 mph time in the mid-4 second range, making it undoubtedly quick. It likewise has an offered extended variety battery that has actually a targeted 775 lb-ft of almost instantaneous torque. That's more than any Ford F-150 ever, and it makes driving the Lightning a special experience that you will not get in any other truck.

Largest Public Charging Network in North America
Individuals hesitate to change to an electric vehicle because of the schedule (or lack thereof) of charging stations on the road. There are filling station on every corner, however charging stations are less typical. Ford takes the worry out of charging your F-150 Lightning by supplying access to more charging stations in North America than any other automaker.
Readily available charging stations are easy to find with real-time updates right on the infotainment screen or through the FordPass smart device app. The app also uses public charging payment ability. Lowering concerns that you'll lack juice, the vehicle approximates how much variety you have actually left, representing weather, traffic, payload, towing, and more so you're not caught off guard.

Hands-Free Driving
Totally self-governing vehicles are still the future vehicles, however the F-150 Lightning will use a hands-free driving system called BlueCruise. This will work on highways throughout the United States and Canada and totally take control of driving to help reduce driver stress. It will make heavy rush hour traffic and long trip less wearying by removing the need for the chauffeur to keep his hands on the wheel.
Although this is a hands-free system, the motorist still requires to sit behind the wheel and focus. In the interest of security, BlueCruise makes sure the motorist is awake and alert with a driver-facing cam to identify if the motorist is viewing the road even while using sunglasses.

Powers Your Home
As i stated on the intro, the Ford F-150 Lightning isn't simply an electric truck-- it's likewise an electric power source. If your home loses power when the F-150 Lightning is plugged in, Ford's Intelligent Backup Power will immediately begin powering your home. As soon as you're back up and running, the system switches back over to charging up your F-150.
There's absolutely nothing you need to do to make this occur. It's an automated procedure that can offboard 9.6 kW. Fully charged, that exercises to complete home power for as much as 3 days. In addition, 11 terminals situated throughout the truck can be utilized for power when you're on the go for everything from a tv to speakers to power tools.
Ford's Largest Battery Ever
Power for the F-150 Lightning comes from the largest lithium-ion battery pack Ford has actually ever utilized in a vehicle. 2 different battery choices are depending upon just how much range you desire out of your truck. The standard variety battery targets an EPA-estimated range of 230 miles and has an 11.3 kW single charger. The available extended range battery targets an EPA-estimated variety of 300 miles and utilizes a double charger for the fastest charging time possible.
Ford aimed to decrease the environmental impact of the battery in the F-150 Lightning by creating batteries with high energy density and low cobalt usage. It has more cell energy however with minimized cobalt material compared to previous Ford battery designs.

Charging Made Easy
Ford makes charging much easier with a basic mobile charger that can be used at a 240-volt outlet to get 21 miles of variety per hour or at a 120-volt outlet for 3 miles of range per hour. Those who choose the standard variety battery can upgrade to a 48-amp Ford Connected charging station that adds 19 miles of variety per hour. This will take your F-150 Lightning from 15% to 100% in 10 hours, which is over night.
The F-150 Lightning with the prolonged variety battery has double onboard chargers. At an 80-amp charging station, it can amount to 30 miles of variety per hour, taking the Lighting from 15% to 100% in simply eight hours.

The First F-150 With SYNC 4A
The Lightning is the very first F-150 to offer SYNC 4A, the most recent Ford infotainment variation. It's ideal for the 15.5-inch tablet-style touchscreen readily available on the Lariat and Platinum trims and is the largest screen in any full-size pickup. The system utilizes natural voice controls, cloud-connected navigation, and cordless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to make it easy to use.
It accommodates the creation of chauffeur profiles, so your particular preferences are saved and prepared whenever you drive. SNYC 4A can likewise detect your driving practices, like picking up coffee every morning so that it can make ideas. Wireless software updates will keep the system current and can be completed in under 2 minutes.

The Mega Power Frunk is the perfect place to stash valuable items out of the elements and away from prying eyes.
Mega Power Frunk Holds Lots of Cargo
Unlike vehicles with gas powertrains, electric vehicles do not require the area under the hood for an engine. Instead, that front trunk, or "frunk," is ideal for holding cargo. While the frunk in a sedan or SUV tends to be smaller sized, the dimensions of the F-150 imply there's a huge amount of space under the hood for holding cargo.
Ford calls it the Mega Power Frunk, and it's the biggest front trunk among all-electric vehicles. This lockable storage space is ideal for holding all your cargo with room enough to hold two bags of golf clubs. A secondary smaller freight area within the frunk consists of drain plugs, making it ideal for wet, muddy clothing.

As Tough as the Others
The F-150 Lightning is electric, so there are big distinctions in between it and the rest of the F-150 lineup. Nevertheless, what doesn't differ is its strength. The Lightning was subjected to the very same tests that the remainder of the F-150 lineup has actually withstood to ensure that it's capable of getting you through the day. Whether that day consists of enjoyable and recreation or time at the job site, the F-150 Lightning depends on the obstacle.
F-150 trucks run the equivalent of 7.4 million customer miles in screening that consists of endurance and strength challenges. Vehicles are also evaluated on various road surface areas, with some so rough they use robots instead of human chauffeurs to ensure your F-150 surpasses your expectations.

An Affordable Electric Vehicle
Electric vehicles are being presented at a stable rate. While some are cost effective, numerous are priced for luxury purchasers. The Ford F-150 Lightning boasts innovative technologies, consisting of hands-free driving, an effective battery, the ability of a truck, and a well-equipped interior. Still, it does not featured a high starting cost. This truck is planned to be something well within reach of all truck buyers with a beginning cost of just $39,974.
While rates for the full lineup has yet to be revealed, a starting price under $40,000 makes this truck an affordable proposal. Integrate that price with the fuel savings of driving an electric vehicle, and the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is a value-minded idea.

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